Tomorrow never comes


Guh, damn this limited picture thingy uploader. Whatever it is…

So, I just wanted to draw something with Donnie, something brotherly and touching, I guess… So the prehistory is - Raph either got beaten up pretty badly, and also got seriously depressed by the fact that Leo lied about Karai… He just kept staying in his room, denying every kind of help, conversations ect. And Donnie is the one who could reach out to him. Donnie is actually the one who can reach out to everyone, help and lead to a sence.

 He’s like a secret psychiatrist for all his family.

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    It irks me to see certain human here *cough*Karai*cough* but I need a little bit of angsty Raph every once in a while.
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    ASDFJKL; jkhkjsgnvjhbGahh, right in the feels ~awww
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