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PURPLE: We near never speak, but I do enjoy your presence on my dashboard.
FUCHSIA: I wish I could become your best friend through the internet.
GREY: You leave me with jumbled words.
RED: I'm in love with you.
PINK: I have a crush on you.
TURQUOISE: You're hot.
CHARTREUSE: I sincerely wish you would notice me.
TEAL: We have quite a lot in common.
BLUE: You are my Tumblr crush.
ORANGE: I dislike your page.
GREEN: I find you cute.
BLACK: I would date you.
BROWN: I dislike you.
That tmnt comic that you draw I want to read all but i cant find that firs and second and third and the rest Have you an internet site or something? Thanks ♡

I have two tmnt comics, so I didn’t understood which one you wanted to read, so here are links to both gallerys at DA: - Deepest Fears - Everything what’s left.

There must be all the pages.

…And now again back to hiatus.
I have exams soon, and a lot of work to do, so - till summer, I’m afraid, there’s nothing serious is gonna show up here.
And also, sorry for my english, I tried my best.

New TMNT movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Creepy Green Humans With Shells. Also they’re tall. And you can crash a car by throwing them into it. No damage taken whatsoever. They’re a four mini-Hulks.
April Fox-Megan O’Neil. Kinda horse-face expression all the time. Everyone who was asian -  are no longer asian. Because of reasons. Special effects - a whole bunch of them. Why we made this movie? Because world needs MORE SPECIAL EFFECTS.

That’s what I captured from the movie trailer. Unless I watch it - I’m not gonna say it sucks. Now I don’t even understand the plot - ‘cuz ACTION-ACTION-ACTION-oh we kinda wanted to MAKE heroes - ACTION-CAR-SMASHING! If there is no interesting story - that’s will be pretty much sad. (You know who also tried to make a hero and failed? Megamind. Lol.)

The “it’s just a mask”-joke was funny though, but mostly because Mikey looks actually freaky…

no… please’s too fast, I’m gonna puke.

no… please no.
it’s too fast, I’m gonna puke.



Thing that pisses me off and makes me feel disgust to all humanity - POLITICS. When humans will understand that better make one community, ONE big country, one damn race. And Everything will belong to everyone. No more territorial wars, no more resource wars, no more racial wars.

Do you know that…

Actually, one big country wouldn’t work in the world we live now because on one way or other, few bigger races/countries would make everyone else to agree their rules and culture, ect. forcing everyone to be like them and this would cause just more wars. In history, many wars were actually caused because someone tried to rule the world alone. But instead all the countries should make some kind of… Union… That every country, tribe and race were part of and make decisions together that everyone had to follow. And if the country was breaking these rules, the people of he country could complain to this union and then the world worked together to make things better. But instead of everyone becoming the same, they would be allowed to be different, have their own culture and language, yet they worked as one. And it would be illegal to “steal” other countries resources, like most of big companies do now (and then the tax money go to their own country). If the company’s factory is in one country, then the tax money should go there. This would make the system more fair and stop “rich people stealing from the poor”. Also if in the country the company comes from, some thing they do are against the law in their home country, but not against the law in that country, they do it.

And one big thing in politics is… Money. And economic growth. To sell more, they make products that broke more easily. And you need more and more resources. And you can’t stop doing this because otherwise, the other countries become richer so you have to keep going, until the world is destroyed.And most of things that people could give up like… Using nonrenewable natural resources and other stuff that ruins the atmosphere… They don’t give up on them because they have been doing things so long the same way and it’s hard them to change their ways. And the more nature friendly ways to make energy ect. take more money. People don’t want to give up on anything that they already have and always want more and more things. The whole economic growth problem could be solved by instead of trying to make more products that ends up to become waste, they should try to make money by selling TV shows, movies, stories, art, ganes and other entertaitment. Recommendly, in digital form so they would cause as little waste as possibly. And the other, essential products they make, they would made to last, not to break down as soon as possible so the customers would need to buy another one. And recycle even more than they do now.  And making the products that way that they could be fixed even after they break.  

Personally, I think the world needs to be recreated. That might mean that we would have to give up on many things we’ve get comfortable with. If it was possible to have one, actually fair to everyone leader that would think what’s good for everyone, not what’s good for only for them or small group of people and the other people would follow them, then this would solve all the problems.  But everyone is thinking only themselves or their “own kind”, maybe to someone it’s only their family, to some their country. The ones who are actually thinking what would be best of everyone, they don’t usually get their voice heard. Because the others are just thinking themselves. The ones who want to change the world better place might not have the power or money to do that and the ones with money and power might not have the will to do so, instead, they protect their own well-being.

I guess in this world, money is the power that counts the most. Sure, forcefully taking what one wants is also a way, sometimes charms work too but the ones with the most power are the ones with the most money. So to change this world you just need lots of money. This will help you to make the other people to follow you and then actually make some changes. 

Though even without the money, people could try to unite to make changes,   but it doesn’t seem to be working very well because this is what they might be doing even now. And normal people don’t care much enough what’s happening in the world.

It’s a little bit out of topic, yet related. I can agree that people should not hate each other because of different races, colours, sexualities ect but all of them shouldn’t been made to became the same. People just should learn to get along with each other and appreciate them, even though they were different and didn’t share the same ideas of everything. Just… Accept each other and not try to change each other. But this also means they should accept that their way of life isn’t the “only and right one” and to most of people, this is really hard.

Also, if everything belonged to everyone…There are many countries that have proved that doesn’t work. People should have something of their own and reason to work hard, but the system needed to be made fairer and set some kind of limit of how much one person is allowed to own. Probably make the rich people pay more taxes or something like that and making the salary to match that how hard/demanding the work is. If person earns lot of money by only owning a company that they might have inherited from their parents or something like that, they should be made pay more taxes that would be used on the poorer people and make it so that no-one was extreamly rich or extreamly poor either. Because if everyone did get paid the same, there would be some jobs that no-one would be willing to do and if no-one did those works, the society would fall. And it would be unfair to make some people to work harder the jobs they didn’t want to do for the same pay that the others get from some easier, better jobs. People wouldn’t have freedom to choose for themselves. They would just become tools of the society, just like slaves. And most people want freedom.Not having it would cause them fight for it.If people didn’t have their free will, likes and dislikes, own ideas, own mind, then “everything belongs to everyone” might work but we are talking about people here.All those and more are what makes us human. Those things will never change. People will always have their own preferences, their own dreams and own will, they won’t simply just agree on not beings allowed to be themselves.

Though I do think that it shouldn’t not be allowed to let someone do something just because they have money to do it. Like, using personal jets just because you have money to do so. Stuff like that should be forbidden because people actually don’t need them and they pollute atmosphere much. Personally, I just don’t like it how money gives people to right to ruin as much as they like something that belongs also to everyone else.

But basically: I think the problem is that people can’t find the right balance between “everyone should be the same and no-one owns more than the other”and “everyone should be free to do anything they wanted and have anything they wanted”. They think the hapiness can be only attained by either one and don’t realize that the best way lies somewhere in between, combining these two.

Wow. So much text. I think I’m done now. Though saying this out loud to someone who has as much chances to make things change as I do seems kinda meaningless because big words, yet, they don’t make anything better making them kinda worthless. I’m as bad as everyone else, I’m not actually doing anything to make things change, maybe because I know I can’t do it alone and not without power so instead of wasting my time, I’m trying to find a power to do that, maybe never gaining it. But right now, I’m just all talk.

I don’t wanted it to sound like “Hey, let’s force everyone be a white\black, and make that Billy share his pant’s with me, ‘cuz I want so.” No…
I tried to say this - like, okay, everyone unite, but be different. Just that the law was one for every human being - like “Do not kill”-law is. And sure - have your personal space, personal belongings, opinion and stuff.
I’m so far from politic stuff, and this, what I think of - is an Utopia. I know it is.
It makes me sad, I know it’s easy to say, but hard to do kind of thing. And not everyone would agree to be part of it, ‘cuz of REASONS. (economy, religion, friggin money and personal benefits)…

Ya know, I’m just babbling about it - how it would be nice, to live in a world where you can go anywhere, and people would not see you as a “that-country-scum”, oppressor and a freak…

But whatever. It’s an Utopia. And sadly it would be much more easily to erase humanity from the Earth, than make everyone live in peace together.

Thing that pisses me off and makes me feel disgust to all humanity - POLITICS. When humans will understand that better make one community, ONE big country, one damn race. And Everything will belong to everyone. No more territorial wars, no more resource wars, no more racial wars.

Do you know that story about the little twig? When you alone - you easily can be broken in half. But when you’re not alone, when you united - no one can break you.

Now - everyone are torn apart, killing and hating each other. Though we are all the same. Is it worth it?

I don’t feel well. I just feel bad because of this all, because of people, because of stupidity. I’m no better than anyone… But I don’t want people to hate me because of the country I live in, race I belong to, my language, look and eveything else. So close-minded…

I’m not feeling well at all. I’m sorry.

I decided to watch “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life”.. My brain is just went berserk. How stupid you must be, if to destroy information on PC you shot a freaking MONITOR??? I mean, even if you shoot at notebook screen - the hard drive will be okay??? And this stupidity goes through many movies. Hurr-durr, I’m gonna destroy the evidence\information - better shoot at the screen! If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exists! Hard drive thing is not that important, so whatever!


Bipolar Empire - Playing with fire
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Just wanna share music that I listen now.
I tried so hard to figure out from which album this song is, I may be wrong, though…
So, here it is. Hope you all enjoy this track, while I’m going to sleep.

hey, i really like your birds! is your future comic going to have an english version?

Well, first of we should draw it }X )
When it’s gonna happen - I dunno. We don’t even have a strict scenario\story for it. Just like short sentences about characters past and inside jokes about how it must be weird to have feathered armpits… }XD
But when we’re gonna be ready - I think we might translate it.
But - draw it first.